Ultra Visual By Sumon Mukherjee (Tutorial)

An eye popping ultra visual effect that may leave every spectators clueless as well as magician too.

Imagine you show your both hands and both sides of a coin respectively , Then you magically transform the coin into a bottle's cap.

1.Don't mislead yourself thinking that i stick that coin behind bottle's cap.
2. If you're an instagrammer or youtuber then this is the one you're looking for , one of the best trick for you i must say.

* No skill required to perform
* Reset within 5 seconds
* Use any coin (Borrowed)
* Possibilities are endless
* You can transform any small object into another one by using this method
* Can be given to examine
* In-depth tutorial

You may fool every people out there with this trick as well as get overwhelming response if you upload it on any social media platform .

Ultra Visual By Sumon Mukherjee (Tutorial)