Grab Bag by Rick Lax (Tutorial)

Rick Lax's new mentalism routine plays SO BIG. Ask MULTIPLE friends to each FREELY CHOOSE a unique penny among DOZENS, then SHAKE UP THE BAG FULL OF COINS. Using nothing but your 6th sense, you're able to find each coin. You can even do it BLINDFOLDED.

The device you get does all the work, and you get all the glory!

PROFESSIONALS: This is one of those rare times you can involve EVERYONE at the table. They truly have a free choice, each coin truly is unique, and you truly do find each coin!

In addition to the main trick, you're going to get a TON of additional ideas from Rick Lax in the very-thorough instructional video.

Grab Bag is getting a ton of buzz from magicians AND mentalists around the world. Early reviews are *extremely* positive and as a result they're going fast.

Grab Bag by Rick Lax (Tutorial)