The Stealth Pen by Rick Lax (Tutorial)

Get ready to give autographs... this thing is HOT!

You ask your spectator if you can borrow a dollar. As she's finding her dollar you take out a pen.

With her dollar in your hand, you stab the pen right through. The Pen visually pierces the dollar.

She sees it. She hears it. She feels it. She practically tastes it. She knows that your pen just made a big, impolite (if not downright rude) hole in HER dollar bill.

Now, with your reputation (and her dollar) on the line you bring the pen and bill even closer. At this point you're RIGHT up close... she's NEVER going to forget this.

With NOTHING obstructing her view you pull the pen right back through the bill. She doesn't even blink. She sees every moment of it. The pen is now completely free from the bill.

The bill is completely unharmed and completely examinable!
It can even be signed beforehand.

The pen is instantly completely inspectable!
No funny moves!

The Stealth Pen by Rick Lax (Tutorial)