DROID by Alan Rorrison (Tutorial)

Hello and welcome to Droid.

Today's market is full of apps that allow you to do magic with iPhones and being a new Android user I could see that we are a little left out.

In Droid I will give you 2 utilities that you can use from your Android phone to create some awesome miracles.

The first is something that you have built into your Android phone already and it will let you predict anything in Google. You take your phone out of your pocket and state that you will make a prediction in Google and then you place your phone face down on the table or face down in your hand.

The spectator can name anything they like and when you turn over your phone, your searched prediction matches perfectly.

This effect does take a little practice and it does favour the bold but it's well worth the time putting in the effort.

The second thing I show you in this download is how to turn your phone into a live peek device that will let you see anything the spectator writes or draws on their own phone. We should also mention you put no Apps on the spectator's phone and you can be set up in seconds.

This does require a third party app that you will need to grab from the play store but at a cheap £5 it is well worth it considering it will let you peek what app they have selected, their pin number, the outcome of any calculation they make in their calculator, in fact anything they do on their phone you will be able to peek and reveal. As with all peek systems, user discretion is advised.

If you do not have an Android phone you can pick one up for under £30 now so if you add in the cost of the needed app and this video you will have everything you need to have a fantastic peek system for under £40. This is an absolute steal.

If you already have an Android phone you will only need to spend around £5 in the play store to get what is needed. This app is a third party app and the price may go up or down by a pound now and again; it is still well worth it for what it allows you to do. Also keep in mind they may have offers now and again that will let you get it for free.

DROID by Alan Rorrison (Tutorial)