Through Being Cool by Nick Diffatte (Tutorial)

Play Money Revisited
Nick's best selling bill switch handling completely updated. A Monopoly bill (Or a coupon, ATM receipt, bus pass, etc.) is held at the fingertips of one hand and is visually turned into real US currency. Includes multiples variations and clean ups.

Nest of Office Supplies
Nick's personal replacement for the LePaul Card to Wallet. The signed card or any small object appears inside of a sealed envelope that is wrapped in tin foil, inside of a small bubble mailer. It all fits in your breast pocket and can be made for around .

Dye Another Day
Nick's streamlined handling for Billy McComb's Half Dyed Hank that now only requires 2 silks and one special dye tube. No dye tube switch required. Nick teaches how all the props can be made at home. The perfect stand up routine that fits easily in your coat pocket.

A paper match is ripped out of a book of matches, torn in half, and then is completely restored... but with the match head in the middle. The match can be pulled on by the audience and can even be lit to prove it's real. Everything can be made at home.

Tea Time
The magician cleanly makes a cup of tea which the spectator holds. A card is mentally thought of from a deck that is riffled through. The card changes places with the tea bag and the card is now on the end of the tea bag string that the spectator has been holding. NO SWITCHES of the tea bag. Many variations using this principle are included.

Through Being Cool by Nick Diffatte (Tutorial)