Tom Mullica Penguin Live (Tutorial)

Johnny Paul & Jim Ryan's Bill Tear A borrowed bill is borrowed and openly torn into many pieces. That's it. It's just funny.

Jim Ryan's Cards Across My favorite card trick. It's the familiar 'cards across' theme with an emphasis on entertainment. One of my signature routines.

Tom Mullica's Number Trick A card is selected and returned. I ask a spectator to give me a number between one and twenty. When the number is called, the selected card is found face-up at that position. It is then repeated.

Tom Mulllica's Pantomime Cigarette I remove a piece of cigarette paper then start to roll an imaginary cigarette. A lighter is then removed from the pocket and the pantomime cigarette is lit and smoked.

The Mullica Wallet Basic card to wallet effect accomplished with the EASIEST card-to-wallet-wallet. History and demonstration.

Tom Mullica Penguin Live (Tutorial)