David Hira Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)

Toilet Paper Opener: a high-energy opener that's sure to get attention, involving multiple people right away using an object you'll find everywhere.

Cards and Wine Glasses: Play big, interesting, and interactive. Cards displayed in wine glasses are eliminated until only one remains. Yes, it matches the prediction.

David's Silk to Egg: a highly-practical solution which doesn't require a fragile egg in your pocket.

Rudolph's Nose: a quick bit where a coloring book picture of Rudolph suddenly glows on the nose!

Mental Photography Surprise: David’s climax to this wonderful stock trick leaves audiences gasping and laughing out of the sheer surprise. Take this deck out drawer and dust it off… you’ll use this all the time!

And so much more... David also shows how you can get people involved even in a simple trick, and a way to use the handkerchief up the sleeve to work the entire room.

David Hira Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)